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Cassiopeia came to life because several loves were seeking to be unified.


There was our love for our children and our love to hold them close by carrying them in woven slings.

Discovering Oscha Slings - our fabric supplier - made us fall in love with their fine and beautiful, but durable high quality woven fabrics.


Another love and need was directed towards sustainable clothing and the post-consumerist attitude of traditional craftsmanship. Modern textile industry exploits human rights and our environment. It is difficult to find clothing and accessories that are produced truly fairly and consciously. Our products are made with green energy, we use eco-friendly yarns, and we upcycle fabric. We do not produce large quantities and we do not try to maximise our profits.

To us, responsibilities towards our environment and coming generations are more important goals.

Therefore, we make ecological clothes and accessories that will last a long time - by using durable and high quality fabrics and by designing clothes (especially for the little ones) that will fit several sizes. All our clothes are also designed to fit with cloth nappies

We are a small company and we produce on the basis and beliefs of sustainable and traditional craftsmanship: high quality with guarantee (we offer a reparation service), proximity (all parts of our products are made in Europe and most are made in Germany or Scotland), love for details and handicraft, the wish to live in unison with our environment.

Every item you will hold in your hands is handcafted and unique and we hope you will love it as much as we do.

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