With temperature regulating properties a wool blend can take you easily from summer to winter - making this yarn a great all rounder. Plus, they are naturally moisture-wicking, breathable and have great self-cleaning and odour-neutralizing properties.

Our special Superwash Wool is soft cushy without being itchy or thick. With all the temperature regulating qualities of wool, these blends are great for warmer climates too. They can handle well the delicate 30° cycle on your machine.

All our wool is ethically produced in Europe and mulesing-free. Our durable and resistant boiled wool and snugly merino fleece are GOTS-certified by CERES-082.

Wool does not need regular washing because of its self-cleaning and odour neutralizing properties. Airing or brushing it will often suffice. Its natural wool fat (lanolin) is also working well against moisture and water. Washing on a reliable wool & silk cycle using a suitable wool/silk detergent is perfectly fine, too. After some washes, the lanolin can wear out. To refreshen its perfect properties and to make your wool more durable or more water repellant, you can follow our instructions on how to easily lanolize your wool items.