Cassiopeia Bandana Cowls


Perfect for colder weather, our cowl-bandanas are large and true "tausendsassas" as they can be used in versatile ways: Over shoulders and arms to protect mainly the upper body and to showcase the beautiful colours and patterns; Or above the shoulder to mainly protect the neck. The triangular side can either be worn at the front or it can be slid to the back, depending on which side you prefer to be type bandana and which side type cowl. Another versatility bonus is that it can also be worn reverse side out as there are no open and visible seams!

Bandana Cowl Custom Made

  • For your custom made bandana cowl your fabric needs to measure at least 170cm x 65cm (full wrap width).

    If you would like to order a bandana cowl from one of our in-stock fabrics, please select 170cm from the respective fabric plus this service here.

    You can always get in touch with us about pattern placement wishes and your fabric wishes of course. Maybe we have something in store that you would fancy. If you have a certain amount of scrap, but not enough, we might be able to accomodate as well. Simply pop us an email at


    When sending us your fabric from non-EU countries, please make sure to send gifted. If that is not the case, we will have to either ask you for the amount of custom fees or decline the parcel. 

  • If you have this favorite piece of fabric or your babywearing days are over but you want to give a piece of your loved wrap a new life, where it can continue to be used and loved instead of catching dust and sitting on a shelf, we offer our custom service!

    If you want an item made from other fabric than a jaquard woven sling, please get in touch before placing your order.​ After you have checked out, you will receive a confirmation email and a request to send your piece(s) of fabric to the following address.

    It is important that you attach your name and order number to the fabric you are sending in. Otherwise we cannot process your order.

    If you will send in a piece of fabric that is bigger than the required measures, we send you back the remaining fabric together with your finished product.​


    Cassiopeia Woven Design


    04229 Leipzig



    Please note that custom-made items are exempt from our return policy. Should your Unique Piece be flawed upon reception, please contact customer service and we will find a solution.  

    Custom-made orders may take up to 3-5 weeks to ship.