Cassiopeia Face Masks


Our masks are designed to fit the shape of the face well because a face mask needs to have a tight fit. The rubber band is individually adjustable around the neck and upper head and can also be changed into two short rubber bands behind each ear.


Between the two layers of fabric is a pocket, in which an additional filter fabric (such as a surgical mask or water repellant fabric, e.g. wool) can be inserted and taken out again before washing. 


The face masks do not have a sewn in wire, because the cut is already well adjusted to face shape. 




Our face mask helps to reduce (not prevent) the spreading of infectious droplets and is meant as an addition to the necessary measures of hygiene for the following groups of people:


  • Nurses and caregivers, who are in contact with an infected person in order to avoid touching the face with potentially contaminated hands.
  • Inhabitants of risk areas and particularly affected areas when they move in public space.
  • People, who are ill (also other than COVID-19) to reduce the spreading of viruses.
  • For people who want to avoid touching their face.


It is not a medical product and does not replace other required measures of hygiene!


Please note that all information is carefully researched, but cannot claim to be complete, most up to date or correct from a medical point of view. 


All our products are handmade in Germany. As they are handmade, none of them is "perfect" and the differ from one another and with respect to the picture.




Orion Eros Face Mask

    • The outer layer is made of an easy-care, eco-friendly, and vegan material and can be washed at 60°C. It is robust and dense enough to not drench with immediately when coughing or sneezing.
    • The inner layer is a thin 100% cotton fabric. It is very soft to the skin and doesn't feel damp quickly when you breathe in it, cough or sneeze. 
    • 60°C with a laundry detergent that can be used for all programmes and all temperatures
    • Using a laundry net is kind to the rubber bands of the mask and your washing machine. 
    • Set spin below 1000
    • Avoid fabric softener and chemical bleach
    • Air drying is recommended, but the masks can be tumbled dried on a gentle/low setting
    • Ironing is recommended

    General washing hygiene

    Our fabric mask needs to be taken off and replaced when moistening. As the Corona virus is a coated virus, a normal wash with normal detergent is enough to deactivate the virus. For other viruses, bacteria, and fungi, however, it has shown that a temperature of 60°C and a detergent including oxygen bleach has proven to be most efficient for domestic use [Source: "Laundry hygiene—how to get more than clean" D. P. Bockmuehl].