Cassiopeia Ordering


We have a couple of items of each ready made! If these are sold out, we will try to restock as soon as possible and as long as the fabric is available.


If you have questions about any items in particular, check our page custom-made items, where you will find more info about each product.


Sea Salt Carve

  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  We recommend spot cleaning your scarf due to the polyester content, however it can be hand washed if washing is needed. Use a suitable wool detergent. Lay flat to dry and iron on a cool setting.

    FABRIC COMPOSITION: 84% BCI Organic Combed Cotton, 11% Combed Cotton, 5% Cashmere.

    FABRIC WEIGHT: approx. 195gsm

  • This item is made of fabric with a colour gradient and/or bigger scale pattern. Please note that we cannot guarantee a certain placement of pattern or gradient on your item. Smaller items/sizes will show less of a gradient and pattern than larger items/sizes.