Cassiopeia Diaper Bags


Our diaper bags are intentionally designed a bit larger than common ones, because they are supposed to easily fit cloth diapers and additionally needed equipment such as extra inserts. 

They come with enough pockets to store everything needed.

The left pocket is for (cloth) wipes. You can easily insert a small wetbag with wipes and close the lid, which features a waterproof softies fabric, so your wipes don't dry out and your diaper bag stays dry.

The middle strap can hold extra inserts, extra diapers or extra clothes. It has a small detachable zipper bag on top, which fits a couple of small tubes, a soother, and a thermometer for example.

The right side has two pockets, where you can easily fit one or two diapers and extra clothes. 


The product size is approximately 55cm x 25cm.


Starry Night Gold Dust Diaper Bag

  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash at 30 degrees, avoiding bleach and fabric softener. Hang to dry, cool tumble dry can be used but air drying is recommended. Iron on a cool setting.

    FABRIC COMPOSITION: 58% Britspun Supima Cotton, 14% Organic Combed Cotton, 14% Bamboo Viscose, 14% Hemp

  • This item is made of fabric with a colour gradient and/or bigger scale pattern. Please note that we cannot guarantee a certain placement of pattern or gradient on your item. Smaller items/sizes will show less of a gradient and pattern than larger items/sizes.